Duties of a National YAP-Convenor

  • Finding hosting clubs in your National Association in time.
  • Planning of the tour-course in coordination with all hosting clubs.
  • Making sure that all costs are covered by the tour fee.
  • Coordinating with the International YAP-Convenor, especially when hosting an international tour.
  • Collecting of application forms of all participants and forwarding them to the International Convenor.
  • Collecting of the tour fee and passing it on to the host clubs.
  • Participating in the yearly meeting of YAP-Convenors.
  • Improving YAP in your country by taking part in all national AGM’s and HYm’s and by giving a report.
  • Committing to at least three years of service as this will improve your experience.
  • Being familiar with your National Association is an advantage for you and will facilitate your work.

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