Thanks everybody !

This trip to South Africa was a great and unique experience!

I made a lot of very nice meetings.
For me it was my first YAP Tour and I hope this is only the beginning.
I came to realize the incredible dynamism generated around the YAP Tour and, more generally, of 41 South African clubs. I saw among the African 41ers and the others Yappers, a real enthusiasm, a passion for the club 41 and a desire to know more or learn about the cultures of each and share his and his knowledge.

For all these things, I sincerely thank:

– The 41 club Belgium to allowed me to participate in this adventure and the club 41 South Africa
– Coordinators of this fabulous trip: Zeet Borrageiro for Johannesburg (special mention to Philip aka Will Ferrell for these superb knowledge of Soweto, well as Wicksteed Neall), Bruce McKay for Bloemfontein, Gerhard Marcrow for Bethlehem, Angus Flockart for Pietermaritzburg (special mention to George Wessels who accompanied us during our activities in Pietermaritzburg) and Louis Boshoff for Port Shepstone.
– All the hosts in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Bethlehem, Pietermaritzburg and Port Shepstone.
– The other participants of the YAP Tour, from India, Germany, Austria and Belgium like me, with whom I spent a great time.
– Without forgetting our great bus driver, Clive Greenwood.

La bise !

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