Have you come across YAP? What kind of international tours are (normally) open to apply for, and how do the tours look like? Do you want to meet some key players who get the program running, the so-called YAP Convenors?  

If you are interested in addressing those questions, please, join the above session the so-called „YAP-DAY“. It is a new format which takes place for the first time. The corona virus made it impossible for us to organize YAP tours in 2020 and 2021. But we want to get back on track and keep the YAP idea going. The „YAP-DAY“ will give you general information about YAP and some impressions of what YAP tours are all about.

As a Board member, YAP-convenor or YAP-participant of your national association you can participate in the meeting via ZOOM – for registration please send an email to WEBMASTER@YAP-FAMEX.ORG. If you belong to an association of the Round Table you can follow the YAP-DAY via stream on YOUTUBE. The link will be published in time.

The YAP idea inspires international exchange of young adults since decades. YAP stands for „Young Ambassador Program“, which is delivered by a registered organization, called YAP-FAMEX e. V. The program is supported by 41 INTERNATIONAL and its participating member associations. If you want to know more, please, visit us on Facebook or online