Dear participant in Young Ambassador Programme,

actually the following lines are superfluous but unfortunately, complaints in the past which referred to the behaviour of the European YAPs from our Indian friends, however, we can easily settle at a little good will on our part.

Firstly for clarification: The Tour contribution (tour fees), payed cash on arrival, serves for the cover only of the transport from Guest club to Guest Club within the country. Extra tours or extra wishes for Excursions which is not automatically planned in the tour by the host, must be paid separately and are not covered by this. But above all : extra tours are only allowed when the hosts agree and if it does not disturbe the schedul of the tour . The Administration Fee should be payed at least six weeks before departure to the account of the registered Association.

How to behave:

Smoking: please do not smoke in the house of your Host, except of course if the host particularly allows it, or indicates a place (e.g. garden) where it can be tolerated.

Drugs: It can happen that you get hashish or marijuana offered occasionally. This is illegal Do not buy Drugs or show any interest in the purchase of drugs. The possession of drugs carries extremely severe punishments. Consumption of alcohol should be moderate !

Group behaviour: You stay either alone or maxima two people together by a host, even so you travel as a Group and should behave accordingly.

Make no private excursions alone, unless a special offer is made by the leader. If you should be accommodated in hotels, then is to adhere absolutely in the dormitories to the segregation of the sexes. (And please do not try to make secret arrangements) otherwise you bring your hosts into embarrassing difficulties. In India, other customs apply as to those that we know in than in the more liberal Central Europe.

Although many Indian households have Servants and Butlers. The sense of honour should be nevertheless also be respected. This applies to the area of the hygiene and intimate clothing particularly: Please do not give your own underwear to be washed; this should be taken care of by yourself. Blouses, shirts, trousers and skirts may be handed in if the possibility washing is offered. Please leave the Bathroom and Toilets just as clean as you would wish before leaving them. Even to make ones own bed may be difficult for some, but please do it, it would leave a better impression.

Dress regulations: Although many Indian women wear a waist free sari. However, this should not give the impression that the dress regulations are here loose. Even if it gets very warm: The girls should not go out without wearing a Bra and be not dressed too loosely. Special dress regulations are valid in temples. (Shoulders must be covered, and no shoes!) Free upper parts of the body may be tolerated in the case of the Boys on the beach. Only the simplest of people (day worker and construction worker) walk about the Towns without bear chests, it indicates to the local Indian people that you are of a very low class of person.

This of course would be very annoying for the your Indian Host, because it shows bad taste from his side.

Last of all: Remember you are Young Ambassadors of your country and not “Bloody Tourists”.