The YAP seeks to promote exchange visits between young aduldts in the age of 18 to 25.

Objectives of these visits are the following:

1. Exposing children to different cultures, lifestyles and histories
2. Building friendships and close relationships across continents
3. Developing confidence, trust and international understanding

Requirements to be an ambassador:

You must be between 18 and 25 years of age and familar with the idea of international friendship as promoted by 41 INTERNATIONAL and Old Tablers
You have a working knowledge of English and are able to express yourself in the language of the host country.
You are prepared to travel along wherever required.

The selection of the candidates is based on the following criteria:

The candidate must be
1. aware of the idea of international friendship as promoted by 41 INTERNATIONAL and Old Tablers.
2. have good academic record
3. able to pay for the trip to and from the country of visit
4. physically and mentally fit
5. understanding of the responsibilities as a representative (ambassador) not only of their club and city but their country as well.

Modus Operandi:

Interested friends may first contact their YAP-Convenor for more detailed information.
The convenor’s list of all areas is published on the YAP-Exchange Association Homepage.

Each Candidate must include the following in his or her application:

one digital photograph
the Renuciation form (signed by candidate and parents)
a copy of their passport
a short letter in English with some information of interests and hobbies
a copy of the insurance letter.

This request should be submitted digitally to the YAP Convenor.
It is the responsibility of the Convenor  to review the candidate’s application and to send the approved request with all relevant data to the international YAP-Convenor (Chair of the Association) by end of February.

Link to National Convenors

The International Convenor (Chair of the Association) will dispatch the applications to his colleague in the hosting country and will pass the respective replies and additional information on to the Convenors of applicant countries.


The Young Ambassadors will be placed in host families of 41 Club members in order to ensure that the objectives oft the program are achieved. It is preferable, but not compulsory that the guests stay with hosts who have children in a similar age group. The children of 41 Club hosts should be encouraged to spend time with their visitors, to involve them in their day-to-day activities.
The participants should travel in groups in their host country as far as possible. (The maximal number of Young Ambassadors will be defined by the host country but will not exceed 13 for one group).
A stay of 3-4 days in each town is considered ideal, there should not be more than two Young Ambassadors per host family.
All candidates are covered by medical insurance for their stay abroad.
On their return the participants are requested to submit a written report with one or two photos to the National 41 magazine/webmaster, the webmaster of 41 International and send a copy to the host’s country.


The tourfees usually will be collected in cash in the hosting country. The admin fees have to be transferred by European travellers to the account of the registered Association, Indian travellers shall pay them in cash in the first hosting country. Each participant has to pay his own flight ticket and a tour fee which will cover the costs of transports in the hosting country. The tour fee is fixed by the hosting association and may differ from tour to tour.

The stay and the activities are free and considered a part of a service rendered by the hosting clubs. Some national associations contribute to the costs of the hosting clubs.