YAP e. V.

Within the framework of the Young Ambassador Program (YAP), the Association promotes contact between young people and young adults from different regions, and arranges contact to hosts in other regions.

As young ambassadors of their country, guests on their international tours represent the customs and traditions of their respective home countries.

And in doing so, they become acquainted with the culture and everyday life in the host country, thus promoting mutual understanding. To fulfill its purpose, the Association engages in the following activities:

  1. Organizational support: Coordination of tour routes, the number and duration of international tours, and advertising of programs.
  2. Host management: Approaching, recruiting and advising hosts.
  3. Applicant management: Advising and selecting applicants.
  4. Other activities that support the achievement of the Association’s purpose (such as marketing, networking, and financial management etc.).

Finaly, YAP is a fascinating and strong idea which brings people together. It develops and fosters international friendship and mutual understanding.

International YAP Convenor
Christoph Haenssler
Mobile:  +41 79 444 71 60
E-Mail: manager@yap-exchange.org

Managing Bord Member of Association
Dr. Matthias Hardinghaus
Mobile: +49 151 263 79 210
E-Mail: manager@yap-exchange.org