We arrived at Larnaca Airport on the afternoon of the 25th of June. We spent our first day in the unfamiliar heat at the Club 41´s president´s pool, where we first had the time to get to know each other. On the following day we drove to Paphos, but we made stop at the Castle Kolossi to visit it as well as to enjoy the view. After a lunch of various fish dishes we drove off-road to the so called „Turtle Beach“ with David and Christine Illingworth. Although we didn´t see any turtles, we were able to enjoy the beach and the sea in quiet.

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On the next day we had a really interesting tour through the inner city of Paphos and the chance to take a look at competely new-built areas of the city. We started the 28th of June with the famous archaeological excavations of mosaics and then relaxed at the Sandy Beach. On the same day, we had to say goodbye to the Illingworths and our host families and headed to Limassol. We made a brief stop at the Aphrodite-rock were Aphrodite, according to greek mythology, arose from the waves. In Limassol we first got to know the Iannous. We would come to all stay together at their house with the two daughters for three nights. After an unhurried breakfast we got to see the archaelogical excavations near Limassol. On the next day we visited the inner city of Limassol and the Marina. In the morning of the 30th of June we had to say farewell to the Iannous. We spent the day on a pirate ship for tourists, the Black Pearl, and calmed down on a beach. The next to last day was to that day the hottest with up to 45 degrees in the shade in Nicosia. To get away from the heat, we drove to the Trodoos mountains, where the dense vegetation surprised us. We also visited a monestery and spent the rest of the day at a pool. On the last day the historic museum opened only for us and we got a brief summary of human history. After that we had a few hours to explore the inner city of Nicosia on our own and then relaxed at a Club 41 member´s pool for the rest of the afternoon. Later we participated in the Barbecue of Round Table and Club 41, which also was our final diner.We had to say goodbye. On the day after we left Cyprus.

I would like to thank you for this unforgetable time in Cyprus and the engagement of all of you. We had a wonderful combination of relaxation and culture and got the one-time chance to see so many facets of this country. Cyprus is an unbelievably interesting and beautiful island and nobody will regret a trip!

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